Anchor Forests

Anchor forests are multi-ownership land based areas which support sustainable long-term wood and biomass production levels backed by local infrastructure and technical expertise, endorsed politically and publicly to achieve forest health objectives.

Through reasonable expectations for sustained commodity production as a management objective we can achieve production levels sufficient to support economically viable manufacturing, processing, and work force infrastructure. This approach, supported by long-term management plans, scientific & traditional knowledge, inventory systems, professional staff, and geographic information systems, will provide the institutional and operational capacity needed to maintain working forests and address ecosystem function at a landscape scale.

  • Anchor Forests seek to:
  • Promote forest ecosystem function through maintaining and improving working forests and the infrastructure needed to increase ecosystem services and benefits gained from healthy forests;
  • Reduce the impacts of insects, disease and wildfire in the face of a changing climate through active forest management, and;
  • Provide a framework for cross-boundary land management that achieves the social/cultural, economic, and ecologic values and benefits realized through long- term stewardship.

“How do you like your forests…?”

pdf_icon Anchor Forest Executive Summary
pdf_icon Anchor Forest Final Report
pdf_icon Anchor Forest Task Assessments Report

The Anchor Forest concept is an effort to provide forest land stewardship across ownership boundaries and among disparate interests. This will address deteriorating forest health conditions, maintain working forests, and provide the jobs, wages and revenue needed to sustain many rural communities. The Anchor Forest framework combines opportunities to help landowners, communities, agencies, and tribes achieve landscape-scale projects that address declining forest health conditions with cost-effective solutions.

An Anchor Forest, as depicted in the images below, is a landscape-scale forest exemplifying health, vitality and resilience that will provide the setting needed to address forest insects and disease, sustain working forests, and improve ecosystem function in the face of a changing climate.

image-014 image-012 image-010 image-013
image-017 image-015 image-016 image-011


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