Anchor Forests are intended to provide a foundation to foster the development of common visions through collaboration and cooperation across ownership boundaries and among disparate interests. For regional planning and development, Anchor Forests support the capacity to leverage and focus financial resources by identifying regional needs and opportunities, and informing forest land owners.

The Approach

Six assessments were completed to address the value in, and implementation of, an Anchor Forest. These encompassed evaluation of the forestry industry infrastructure and capacity, potential stakeholder interests in participation, available funding mechanisms, and forest ecosystem services throughout three study regions in eastern Washington. Assessment findings were then used to evaluate the potential of existing processes and authorities to restore working forests and achieve economic and ecologic gains across multi-jurisdictional ownership’s at the landscape scale.

The three study regions within Eastern Washington were selected based on similarities in degraded forest health conditions and differences in current forestry infrastructure, processing capacity, and ownership.

Within these areas, substantial holdings of forest lands managed by Indian tribes and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources appear to be the prime candidates for designation as Anchor Forests.[1] The Yakama, Colville, Spokane, and Coeur D’Alene Tribes have substantial forestlands in these areas. All maintain experienced natural resource management staffs with diverse academic and operational expertise. The Yakama Nation and Colville Tribes operate industrial scale forest products manufacturing facilities.

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[1] While the three proposed areas for the project also contain substantial acreages of National Forests, until uncertainty as to the reliability of sustainable timber supplies is resolved, designation of these lands as Anchor Forests is questionable.